Winter 2018 CS595I Advanced NLP/ML Seminar

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Time: Monday 5-6pm, starting 01/22. Location: HFH 1132.

If you registered this class, you should contact the instructor to present one paper *and* be the discussant of one paper below.

  • Presenter: prepare a short summary of no more than 15 mins of presentation.
  • Discussant: by presenting a paper in one session, you automatically become the discussant of the other paper. Please prepare two questions for discussion about the paper.

If you don't present or lead the discussion, you will then need to write a 2-page final report in ICML 2018 style, comparing any two of the papers below. Due: 03/20/2018 11:59 PT to

  • 02/19: Official University holiday: No Class.

Reinforcement Learning



NLP for Computational Social Science